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Be Brave. Be Bold. Be Wise.

HOLY SMOKES, I AM MOVING IN SIX DAYS! My brain has been an absolute mess of emotion ever since Bryan and I decided to make this move to Minneapolis. While I am elated, I am also terrified of the newness and beyond sad to leave my family. It has been a complete roller coaster of feelings, from smiling ear to ear, to crying alongside my mom. Through it all, there are three things I have been telling myself:

Be Brave. Be Bold. Be Wise.

Be Brave. Don’t be afraid to step out and take risks; don’t shy away from challenges because of fear. It is okay to fail; it is not okay to give up because you’re too afraid to fail. Something a lot of people keep saying is, “but… what if you hate it in Minnesota?” and initially this frightened me. But I am choosing to be brave and know that if I hate it, I will keep pushing forward. That isn’t failure; that is life!

Be Bold. Take that big ass personality everywhere you go; show it off. Show up in spaces that are new and different; make friends with people who aren’t like you. I’m eager to grow in my relationship with Bryan, but I’m also eager to grow as an individual. Step into each situation bold and know that you deserve to be here. Don’t shy away or miss out because you kept quiet!

Be Wise. Balance your choices with the appropriate amount of recklessness and courage alongside thought and reason. Enjoy this phase of your life, but try and avoid being stupid. Ensure the decisions you are making are wise. Financial responsibility is a strength I have, but I am relying on another person and not just purchasing for myself now. This requires an amount of wisdom I haven’t had to acquire yet. But I’ve conquered previous endeavors in life, and I will conquer this one, too!

This adventure is going to be amazing and I am looking forward to dominating it. But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it is not without fear that I am jumping onto the next thing. I’m just choosing not to allow fear to hold me back. This time I am choosing to be brave, be bold, and be wise.

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