A Goodbye Letter to my Hometown

| Grand Rapids, Michigan|

Farewell, my first favorite city. Growing up, I fell for your streets, buildings, and small corner shops. I adored being downtown, especially in the summertime. Rosa Parks Circle hosted some of my best memories. Swing dancing in June, Independence Day concerts in July, and outdoor eating in August.

Artprize flooded your streets with local community members and tourists every early Fall. Celebrating the talent and hard work of creatives is what this event embodies.

Your people are my favorite, though. My family fell in love with this place when my dad began attending Kendall College of Art & Design in the late 90s. Though other cities intrigued us, Grand Rapids was always home. Even when my sister moved on with life, she continued her adventure in this city.

Attending Grand Valley State University allowed me to grow with people who also love Grand Rapids. I learned and I grew. My favorite view is standing within Eberhart Center and overlooking the river, the blue bridge, and the beautiful city.

As this post publishes, I am moving into my new apartment in Minneapolis gearing up to call a new city home. Grand Rapids, perhaps this is a permanent goodbye; maybe its a temporary one. Whichever it may be I’m so grateful to have called you home for 22 years of my life.

xx, HB

*some GR memories*


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