Updates + Exciting News!

We’ve been living in Minneapolis for just over one month now and if you’ve been following my blog, you know it’s been a bit of a roller coaster. There isn’t a moment of it that I would change, though. Every event has allowed me to grow and change; I’m feeling so out of my comfort zone and I love it.

This past Monday, I started a brand new job and it has been remarkable. I heard about the job from someone my dad connected me with out here. From the interview, I knew this was going to be a great fit. The company is local to Minneapolis and female-owned. Working alongside powerful females has been so great; it shows me what women are capable of.

Though leaving my previous job was scary and stressful, I am so glad I made the choice to step away. Now, I am in a work environment where I am valued as an employee and as a human being. I’m so eager to grow in this company and continue making Minneapolis home.

Thank you thank you for everyone who sent kind messages and shared their support. You all made me smile in a time when I needed to most; you’re so appreciated!

xx, HB

p.s. this cool photo was taken by Bryan Gerwig.


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