This past week, I celebrated my twenty-third birthday! One year ago, I was in a totally different place; I was getting comfortable in my first job out of college, I was preparing for a dreamy Roman Holiday, and I was gearing up for another year of long-distance. Since then, life has changed so much. I’m now getting comfortable in another new job … in a brand new city! While I may not be preparing for an international trip, I’m striving to be adventurous in my new home.

One year ago, this is not what I would have predicted for myself, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. One year from now, who knows what I will be doing, what I’ll be planning. Life doesn’t always turn out the way we expect; in some cases it’s better than we expect. 

Even still, I find myself looking back and wishing for what I once had. I’m still getting settled here, its easy to look back fondly on what I’ve left behind. But really, I know one year from today, I could look back and wish I was here again. So I’m grateful for this moment, this adventure, and this ever-changing life!

• • •

My twenty-third was celebrated remarkably. The day of my birthday, Bryan planned a fancy dinner following our workdays. We made our way downtown Minneapolis to my favorite area. We walked around on the brick roads by the Stone Arch Bridge and made our way to Aster Café. I absolutely adore the outdoor seating and the European vibes.

One more year in the books; can’t wait to see where my 23rd year takes me!




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