Why I’m Moving Back To Michigan (…already!)

Yes. You read the title correctly. It is happening. For some reason, I feel like people are going to be extremely critical or judgmental about this decision… but I need to calm TF down because everyone I have told has been nothing but excited for me. SO, yes. After about 6 months of living in Minneapolis, MN I will be moving back to Grand Rapids, MI. Pretty quickly, too! It is kind of a story and a half so sit tight, get cozy, and read why I made this choice.

(If you don’t want to read the long story, here are the things you absolutely need to know: 1.) Bryan and I DID NOT break up, we are actually thriving as a couple. He was a massive supporter of this choice. 2.) Minneapolis is a gorgeous city, one that I will definitely come back to visit; I am not moving because I hate it here. 3.) My job was not a failure. The company is full of remarkable people who wanted to see me grow. They were more than happy to hear I was following a path that felt right for me.)

All right, still here for the story? Here we go:

September was a difficult month for me. Since moving here, Bryan and I had gone back to Michigan at least once per month for various reasons. But September was going to be the first month where we had zero trips planned. I was feeling particularly homesick. Just really longing to be around my people and places. I wallowed in my sorrow for quite a while and decided to check to see if this one, very specific company was hiring. This is a company I’d checked in on frequently when I was living in Michigan.

To my absolute shock, they were hiring, and the position sounded absolutely amazing. My homesickness subsided (because I’m a strong woman) but my desire for this position did not! I went back and forth on whether or not to even apply. As soon as I mentioned it to Bryan, he got a bit nervous but said I absolutely had to apply. Even though he was setting down roots, he knew I had to go for it and at least try. So I did. One Friday evening after work, we went to a coffee shop and worked on a resume and cover letter; I applied the following morning.

The very next Monday, I’d already heard back and they wanted to talk that Tuesday. Once it started moving, it got going! I had a total of three interviews. On my third interview, I took the day off of work just to fully prepare and relax afterward. Let me tell you, I 100% thought I botched interview #3. I felt absolutely sick to my stomach. As soon as Bryan got home he asked me how it went and I told him I might as well toss the potential out the window because I wasn’t getting the job.

Following this, I resigned to the fact that the job was not going to be mine and I should start looking for other opportunities in Minneapolis, just to give the city another try. I was ready to do just that. And I was becoming comfortable with it. Then, my phone rings and it was the company letting me know they wanted to hire me for the dreeeam of a job. 

Of course, I’m leaping. The opportunity is too much of a dream for me to pass up. With an unshakable support system behind me, and an exciting future in front of me, I’m so eager to pursue this dream.

Lots of people might inquire about the logistics of this move… and that is absolutely fair. Let me break it down for you! I’ll be moving November  6th. Bryan will be wrapping up his co-op within the first week of January and he will move to Houghton for one last semester at Michigan Tech. Once he graduates in April, he will be joining me in Grand Rapids towards the end of April/beginning of May. Any other logistics probably have not been worked out yet.

This opportunity is one I am so excited to pursue. It’s something I’ve been dreaming about for such a long time. If you’re holding onto questions, please just ask me! This is one place I’m very open about and ready to share. Please pray for me (if that’s your thing,) as I’m navigating this new season! And of course, keep reading my blog to stay updated on my wild life.

xx, HB


photo taken and edited by the phenomenal Eli Beasley.


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  1. Sydney says:

    Way to follow your heart. You go, girl!

  2. I am still jumping for joy about this! I can’t wait to hug you every week again!!

  3. So happy it’s all coming together for you guys, Haleigh!!!💕

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