Embracing You!

Friends, today we are going to have a conversation about positivity when you look in the mirror, and embracing yourself the way you are right now. This is not a topic I have mastered, but is something I am working toward every single day. 

You are a valuable human being, the way you are right now. You deserve to be happy in the body you call home. I think a lot of us excuse our unhappiness by saying things like, “once I drop just 10 pounds, I’ll start to love the way I look.” You deserve to love the way you look, today and everyday. 

Having a smaller body will not make you happy. Having a boyfriend will not make you happy. Your life begins when you decide to make an effort to find out who you are. — Katie Sturino

Drop the idea that you will be happy when (fill in the blank) and just allow yourself to experience joy. Stop supporting brands that are selling insecurity to you. Quit shopping at stores that tell you the way you look is not good enough.

The things you are insecure about may be the things that changes the world; do not be afraid to embrace yourself, wholly. Shake the world like a snow globe, causing initial chaos, but watch as it all falls back into place, differently, but beautiful nonetheless.

Let’s do something today to practice embracing who we are! Post a photo of yourself on instagram and tag me… lets uplift each other! Can’t wait to see your pictures.