The Most Spectacular Coffee Shops In Minneapolis

If you know Bryan and I, you know we love finding fun coffee shops to hang out in. Exploring a new city has given us the opportunity to find so many new coffee shops. We’ve had a bit of time to visit a few so I wanted to share some of our favorites. Come visit us, we can’t wait to show you around!

U R B A N   B E A N   C O F F E E

In the heart of Uptown, MPLS there is a super cute corner coffee shop called “Urban Bean Coffee.” Bryan and I grabbed dinner at the most delicious Indian restaurant and walked to Urban Bean on a warm Wednesday evening. The atmosphere is relaxed and enjoyable; perfect for lounging with friends and getting some work done. Their coffee is super delicious and the staff is very friendly. This place quickly became a favorite for us!

P E N N Y ‘ S   C A F E

Truly, the best coffee shop we have found so far; Bryan and I both agree this one is our #1. Penny’s has a few locations in the city, but our  favorite is just a ten minute bike ride from our apartment. They have committed to paying their employees livable wages and offering benefits like health insurance. They’ve also committed to making the best avocado toast…ever! Penny’s is a business I’m really proud and eager to support. Another bonus is the cute garden store located just down the street. (Flowers from Sunnyside Gardens in photo #1)

S P Y H O U S E   C O F F E E

Spyhouse is a really popular coffee shop with a total of six locations all around Minneapolis. This is the first coffee shop we ever tried; it’s really spectacular and the quality of coffee is wonderful. The atmosphere is nice but each location can get really busy, which kind of sucks when you’re looking for a quiet spot to work. However, it was perfect when we met a friend there one afternoon. The baristas are always kind and helpful at Spyhouse. We love hanging out here.

We’re still regularly exploring new coffee shops, but these are just some of the best we’ve found!

xx, HB