Book Reviews

One to Watch by Kate Stayman-London

Stylish plus-size fashion blogger, Bea Schumacher is like many of us, obsessed with trash television. Having a broken heart doesn’t stop her from sipping wine and watching every episode of Main Squeeze (a show with a concept similar to the Bachelor/Bachelorette.) One night, in a drunken rage Bea takes to twitter to question why every female on this show is blonde and size extra small … as if that is a prerequisite for falling in love.

Shortly after Bea’s twitter rant goes viral, the producers of Main Squeeze  reach out to her with a proposition: to be the love interest on the latest season. After much convincing, Bea agrees with one condition: she will give viewers a great show, but she won’t actually fall in love. 

Not long after filming begins, Bea realizes things are a bit more complicated than she’d anticipated. She might be developing real feelings after all, and for more than one guy!


For my lovers of trash-tv, this book is for you. Haven’t we all watched the Bachelor or Bachelorette and thought, “these girls all look the same!” There is always 3-4 with the same name, and they all have the same body type. 

While reading One to Watch, I was rooting so hard for Bea. I wanted her to overcome the challenges and insecurities and be the badass we all know she is. I admired the way the writer portrayed real fears, but allowed Bea to powerfully conquer them. I love the uniqueness of this rom-com; the concept is so fun.

Ultimately, I rated this book 5 stars because I loved the confidence and representation of a plus size woman in a space where that is uncommon. I also loved that Bea’s entire personality wasn’t being plus size. Oftentimes, there’s just the funny side character who is fat and their personality doesn’t develop beyond that. But this book is raw and real and creates a beautiful and lovable character. I highly highly recommend this book!

PUBLICATION DETAILS: Dial Press; July 7th, 2020; 0525510443; Fiction/Romance