Roman Holiday — photo gallery and highlights

Rome, Italy is unlike any other popular destination. It has aged so remarkably. The old sits alongside the new in unique and captivating ways. While walking through the streets, visitors and residents can feel each age this city holds. Rome is so full of attractions; one could never run out of things to admire. The popular destinations aren’t the only thing to love; the walk or drive to each stop is filled with beauty. The people of Rome welcome you with open arms and are eager to converse with you. My dreamy Roman Holiday began August 14th, when I took an airplane from Chicago directly into Rome.

S I T E  S E E I N G :

Rome is a city known for the rich history. The famous churches are as full of age and beauty as the ones I stumbled upon while wandering Rome. Each popular destination speaks to a different place in Roman history. I’m honored to have explored each location and admired the beauty they have held for several years, and continue holding today.

R E S T A U R A N T S  &  C A F E S :

Each meal in Italy brought a new flavor to my palate. Often, I jokingly wondered how I would ever come back to America and eat. My days of enjoying the fast-paced, heavily plated American cuisine are over after tasting what Italy has to offer. Additionally, the wine paired with each meal was absolutely to die for. When the meal is completed, there are two ways to appropriately wrap it up; coffee, or gelato. Both are remarkably delicious in Italy. At least twice a day, I enjoyed an Americano. My favorite gelato combination is hazelnut and chocolate. If you typically stick to a strict diet, and find yourself in Italy, ditch your diet and indulge!

S T R E E T S I D E  &  B E A C H S I D E :

There is so much beauty in Rome, whether you are inside the Vatican walls, or walking in an alley on your way to the Pantheon. It is easy to fixate on your destination, but make sure to keep your eyes open on the walk there. That is where I found my favorite tiny corners of Rome. Our day at the beach was a perfect, mid-trip, relaxing day away from the hustle and bustle of busy Rome. Not surprising, beachside is as picturesque as street-side.

My Roman holiday was a dream come true! I’m so grateful for the time spent there. My dreams feature another trip to Italy, but this time, Tuscany, and more wine.

Of course, I spent the trip with some crazy fun people. I had to share some of our *not so* picturesque moments!!