When Your Best Friend Gets Engaged…

When I got the exciting call from my best friend that her boyfriend of six years had proposed, I was over the moon for her. I knew this was going to be a hectic, yet remarkable, phase of her life and I have the pleasure of being a part of it.

To properly celebrate this memorable time in her life, set a day to enjoy, just the two of you. For my BFF, we ventured to our favorite macaron and coffee shop and chatted the afternoon away. In true celebration, I put together a “YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED!” gift bag.

The gift bag was filled with wedding themed gifts.

Adventure Awaits Mug — This mug, I actually found at a small boutique in my hometown. It perfectly summed up the adventure that was ahead of my friend. This one is really special because we got mountain tattoos together in Colorado two summers ago. I saw this and knew she would love it. Find the mug that matches your BFF.

Sweet Treats — Inside the mug, I put chocolate covered cashews and almonds from Sweetland Candies.  The sweet treat in the photo beside the mug are delicious macarons from Le Bon Macaron. These are small details but can really pull the entire gift bag together.

Wedding Organizer — This was part one of the gift; while brainstorming, I was thinking “what would I want as an engagement gift?” and me, being such a planner, thought that a wedding organizer would be an ideal present. And, of course, she loved it. It is full of checklists, budget sheets, guest lists, and more.

Yes Way Rosé — This was a last minute idea, and I just knew it would complete the gift bag perfectly. I mean, who doesn’t love rosé? To make it extra special, I embellished the bottle to fit the theme by putting stickers on top to say “she said…” Now, her and her fiancé have a bottle to toast to.

This is, without a doubt, the sweetest and most clever gift bags I have put together. This is a spectacular time in your friends life; show her how delighted you are by making your own gift bag and planning a special day to give it to her.