New year. New me.

Welcome to 2019, folks! For a lot of people, the new year brings lots of excitement, fear, change, growth, and anxiety. With that, comes moments where our mind begins to fester and stress about things we, usually, cannot control. In these moments, we need to be reminded to take deep breaths between sips of wine and that everything WILL be okay.

It is so easy to take a look at your 2019 goals and feel overwhelmed. There is nothing wrong with resolutions, but we all set the bar really high and when it isn’t accomplished, we are the hardest judges of ourselves.

As we navigate through this new year, we need to constantly remind ourselves, we are worth more than our successes and our failures. You are more than what you do. You are more than what you don’t do. It is simply a part of you; it is not wholly you as a human being. Seek achievements in this new year, but do not allow your highs and your lows define you.

Do not compare what you have done to what someone else has done. Not only is this counter productive and self-deprecating, but there is a good chance someone is enviously looking your way. Appreciate what you have, and within that search for opportunities to build. Do not do it because it will impress people; do it because you deserve healthy growth.

In the midst of this “new year, new me” season, do not allow yourself to be convinced of lies. Do not break down your entire self because one piece is cracked. You can and you will move beyond this. This new year is an opportunity to find things to love about yourself, and things to improve. The only option we have is to keep moving forward. 2019 is your year; grab onto it and dominate.