Here’s to Spring.

Happy spring; here is to new beginnings, new opportunities, and new chances. This spring, I am focusing on change and embracing opportunities that come my way. I’ve been out of college for one year and this directionless life is becoming draining. 

In school, I woke up every single day with a purpose: to get a degree. It was a clear path with a set end goal. Those days are over; whatever I am chasing has no finish line in sight, and it scares me a lot more than I anticipated. And to be completely honest, that feels really crappy. Does anyone else get stuck in this rut? 

In honor of April, in honor of springtime, I am continuing to seek adventure. I am in search of smiles. You’ll find me finding joy in all situations. From me to you, take the chance, seize the opportunity, smile in the midst of change. This could be amazing for you!

Here are some affirmations for this April afternoon:

* You are brave.

* You are valuable.

* You are smart.

* You will conquer this obstacle.

For me, I can’t wait to see what’s next. What changes are coming up for you?

xx, HB