Not sure about you, but no matter what phase of life I am in, I can always find a reason to be upset. I’m consistently finding myself thinking, “life will be better when ________ !” Instead of being content, I am searching for areas in which my life could be better. In college, it was all about how life will be better once I just graduate. Then, when I struggled to find a job it became how life would just get better when I became employed. Shortly after I became employed, my thought shifted again to how much better life will be when I can just be at a job I’m passionate about. It has gone on and on; I’m sure you’ve had these thoughts too!

But you and I are doing ourselves a huge disservice. We are missing out on such wonderful experiences. Instead of cherishing the moment, we are constantly wishing it away. Moving to Minneapolis has been so exciting, I’m trying to enjoy every single phase of being in a new city. I’m trying to cherish all of these new moments instead of begging for new ones, or wishfully looking back on old ones.

Right here, right now is all we have. We can’t go backwards and our futures will come eventually. But don’t wish your life away. Enjoy every moment, learn from the mistakes, and continue growing where you are right now. Lets work on finding contentment in the places we are. Stop letting moments slip away without appreciating them; that is one of my goals for the summer and I think it should be yours, too!

xx, HB

p.s. In an effort to enjoy moments, my blog posts have been somewhat inconsistent and I know this one is very short. I usually like to “batch write”, where I write a bunch of posts for about 3-4 weeks out. Life has been so hectic and fun that I have not been keeping my schedule. And some days, I just don’t feel like writing! I love writing on A Busy Beas but I never want it to take away from enjoying life, so my apologies if there are fewer posts every once in a while. But… I have lots of great ideas cooking and I can’t wait to share them in future posts! Thanks for showing up and continuing to read, I appreciate it so much.