The Most Magical Day — Our Engagement Story!

Wow — I am engaged! I still cannot believe it, and haven’t gotten tired of staring down at my left hand. Before I get too deep in the mess of wedding planning, I’m taking time to really enjoy these moments. So, I want to share the story of how we got engaged!

Sunday, December 1st, Bryan and I had planned to go to church and then he asked if I wanted to do a breakfast date at a cute little place in Holland. Since it was his last full day in town until Christmas, I agreed. Following church, we made our way to “The Biscuit” in Holland. We ate a tasty breakfast and enjoyed sweet conversation.

After breakfast, Bryan said we should walk around Downtown Holland. We’ve explored Holland quite a bit, but we enjoy walking around this small town. It was at a church camp in Holland, July of 2013 that Bryan and I met. Toward the end of camp, it was July 4th. Our leader took us to a park in Holland to watch the fireworks… it was that night that Bryan and I had our first kiss.

July 2013

Once we’d gotten our fill of Downtown Holland, Bryan said he wanted to take me one more place. As soon as we pulled into “Kollen Park” I had a pretty good idea of what was about to happen. We got out of the car and he found the spot where we had watched the fireworks 6 and a half years ago. While we stood under the tree he talked about everything we had been through, and everything that was to come. He said a thousand other sweet things before getting down on one knee and saying “Haleigh Michelle Beasley, will you marry me?”

Instantly, I smiled uncontrollably and announced a giddy “YES!” We took a bunch of photos and took a few minutes to enjoy this moment. Shortly after, we began calling our families and close friends. Bryan and my mom had prepared a champagne toast with the family that was still in town from Thanksgiving. So, with my aunt, uncle, cousin, grandparents, my immediate family, & my sibling’s spouses we raised a glass in celebration! It was such a fun thing to come home to. I swear, the two of us had a smile that didn’t leave our faces the whole night.

The whole experience was so magical and I am so excited for what is next!! We’ve been starting on the very beginning stages of planning while enjoying every moment since. I’m so grateful to everyone who celebrated us that night and is continuing to celebrate us. So thankful. xx, HB