Our Engagement Photos

For engagement photos, Bryan and I wanted to do something that really fit our personalities. We love exploring coffee shops everywhere we go; so of course, we chose to do a “Coffee Tour” of local shops in our area. My brother, Eli Beasley – a remarkable photographer – took our photos and we’re so happy with them. If you’re local to GR and in search of a photographer, check out his work.

| O U T S I D E   C O F F E E   C O . |

We started the day at Outside Coffee Co. and got some great photos. Our favorite photo is the first one, where the two of us are laughing. The back-story is just as great; we were posing for photos when I glanced down and noticed a rip in Bryan’s pants!! It wasn’t subtle either, you could see his underwear.

Even more hilarious, he was wearing his “Espress-Yourself” coffee themed underwear from MeUndies, how fitting!

| F E R R I S  C O F F E E   &   N U T |

Ferris was our second stop and it was extremely crowded. It was difficult to take good pictures here because the spots with ideal lighting were taken. However, I love the photos my brother captured of Bryan and I conversing. It’s great to have the perspective over each of our shoulders.

| M A D C A P   C O F F E E |

Madcap is the spot where some more of my favorite photos came from. The first photos is my favorite ring photo; it really captures how gorgeous and simplistic the ring is.

The photo of us kissing through the window is SO cute. Initially, I wanted to use that for our save the dates, but the glare on the photo changed my mind. It is a stunning photo nonetheless!

That last picture, in Bryan’s words is, “the cutest photo ever!”

| L A N T E R N   C O F F E E   B A R |

Lantern was our last stop, and we were coffee’d out. We ordered a tea and found a few spots to get more photos. The warmer lighting was stunningly captured in these photos.

We had so much fun, and so much caffeine taking these photos. As we get closer and closer to our wedding date, I get more and more excited to be Bryan’s wife. What an adventure we have ahead!

xx, HB