BOOYAH! Summertime Tips and Tricks!

Summertime is the best time; most of us can agree to that fact. At the first sense of spring, I start planning all the ways I’m going to make this summer the best. Being able to execute that can be difficult. Go with the flow, and allow yourself to have a little fun. Here are some of my tips and tricks to finish summer 2018 with a bang!

#1 Work outside when you can!

My new job is 40 hours a week, M-F, inside the entire time. Nothing is a quicker day-ruiner when you are inside at work and you see Instagram stories of your friends at the beach. An immediate remedy for this is to spend your lunches and breaks outside! Soak up that Vitamin D. When you come home, get outside while the sun is still shining. Make sure to take a day off to be outside. If you have Sundays off, make the most of it. Spend the day enjoying the sunshine.

#2 Purchase Megababe – Thigh Rescue!

This should be tip #1. For my thick thigh friends, (ladies and gentlemen) this product is for you. Your thighs will thank you. I honestly would avoid wearing dresses or shorter shorts on days I knew I’d be doing lots of walking because of how uncomfortable chaffing was for me. Thigh Rescue looks like a stick of deodorant and goes directly on your inner thighs. The best part; no need for re-application! It lasts all day long. It is reasonably priced. This is easily the best purchase I have made this summer. Give this a try; you will never go without it again.

#3 Make reading list!

Books are the best way to relax in the summertime. Set goals for yourself and make a list of books you’d like to read. Spend your day off in the sunshine ticking books off this list. I have recently made the shift to audiobooks because I can listen on-the-go. No kidding, I finish about 2 books per week because of audiobooks. The best apps on your phone for this are Hoopla — through your local library and Audible — through Amazon. Personally, I use Hoopla because it’s free. However, Audible’s selection of books are unbeatable.

#4 Carry a summer bag in your car at all times!

This is something I started to do this summer. Too many times I have been spontaneously invited to swim and have to decline because I don’t have a suit. Or I am spending time outside and wish I had a picnic blanket. My quick fix for this was to pack a bag with a swimsuit, towel, a sweatshirt (for bonfires), and a picnic blanket. These have all come in handy several times this summer.

#5 Be okay with spending a little more money!

Being on a strict budget is an admirable trait. If you carry this trait, don’t be ashamed. However, this summer, allow yourself to relax a little bit. Don’t skip out on nights out, brunch, or dinner with friends because you are worried about spending money. If you skip out on everything because you don’t want to spend money will leave you feeling frustrated and left out. Allow yourself some “fun” money and go out!

#6 Splurge — buy Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray!

For those sweaty nights outdoors, whether at a bonfire, concert, or party this is a product you will want. Your make-up is essentially glued to your face after spraying this all over. It is a bit pricey, but I have found that it is worth every penny.

#7 Invest in an effective facial sunscreen!

Gosh, if you are anything like me, you will get toasted within minutes of being outdoors. My morning routine includes a facial lotion with SPF year round because I know what my face can handle. On days I know I will be spending time outside, I apply it in the morning – again in the afternoon – and once more in the evening. This applies to your entire body when you’re outside in your suit, but it’s still smart make facial sunscreen a part of your daily routine.

#8 Work out – outdoors!

If you are invested in a steady workout routine, acknowledge that summertime is a time to be more lax on this. Take your workouts to the outdoors. Something I have done in the past is to bring a yoga mat outside and go through several workouts. This brings me outdoors to enjoy the weather and allows me to get a little extra sweat on. Another thing I do is take a walk or run. I’m not a runner but sometimes, the weather is so good and I cannot resist.

#9 Make the best of every day!

Catch up on Netflix and television shows later. This beautiful weather has got to be enjoyed while it is still here. Don’t look at any day as a wasted day; do something to make it worthwhile. Have a remarkable final month of summer by putting a positive spin on every day!