Monday Motivation

Good morning and happy (almost) Monday! If you are anything like me, Mondays are hard. Instead of putting my focus on accomplishments, I emphasize areas I’m not proud of. I have a hard time seeing current opportunities as valuable, and more as a waste of time.

It is time to shift this focus.

Today, put your focus on the great things about yourself, the incredible things you’re doing, and get excited about the ways you can grow. Here are some affirmations to motivate you this Monday.

• Wherever you are in life, it is valuable and you are learning from it. Don’t discredit this phase, it will prove helpful later on.

• Your accomplishments don’t make up who you are; though it may be very important, there is more to you than just what you have done.

• This week, this day, this moment can be positive, if you allow it.

• You are a strong and valuable asset to whatever team you are apart of. No matter how wavering your confidence seems, this workspace, classroom, or experience would not be the same without you.

• You will get to the place you want to be. Just because you are not there yet does not mean you aren’t doing great things.

• Starting small is nothing to be ashamed of. Start small and work your way toward your bigger dreams.

• This day is new; this week is new. It is an opportunity for a fresh start and you have the ability to seize that.

This Monday, and future Mondays, motivate and affirm yourself instead of focusing on the negative. You are brilliant and capable of doing phenomenal things. Take this Monday and dominate your week!