Affordable Wines You’ll Love.

*Lots of wine was drank in the production of this blog post.*

I’m a full on wine-lover. Wine is almost always my drink of choice. My taste isn’t typically expensive, and I bottles I pick are typically from my grocery store (not always fancy wineries.) For this post, I wanted to share some relatively cheap, yet tasty and elegant bottles of wine. 

– Jacob’s Creek Moscato

At the top of the list for a reason, Jacob’s Creek is truly a #1 favorite of mine. I’m always keeping 2-3 bottles in my stock. It is a sweet, bubbly white that quenches your thirst. It is a great wine to sip while enjoying a bubble bath, or a cozy night in.

– White Girl Rosé

Such a fun drink; bubbly and delicious, white girl rosé is perfect to bring to a girls night. Pairs well with romantic comedies, gossip, and your best friends. This one always catches my eye at Target because of how cute the label is, but I’m grateful I gave it a try.

– Costco Sangria

My favorite summertime drink is the big bottle of Costco sangria. It is easily the best bottled sangria I have found thus far. My mom and I can polish off a bottle ourselves in just a few days. For the quantity of product, the price you pay is incredibly reasonable.

– Trillium White Wine

My mom picked this one up at a fancy winery (but it doesn’t count because you can also grab it at Meijer) but we fell in love with the sweet flavors in this wine. We drank it with our chicken parmesan dinner and it paired nicely.

– Nice Red

A nice, fruity red that is perfect for people who haven’t made their mind up about red wine yet (me!!) This is a Michigan-made wine, and is absolutely delicious. Lots of people enjoy it around Christmas because there is a Naughty and Nice version, but to me, it is a great wine for any season.

– Rosé All Day

After a long day at work, I dropped into the grocery store by my house and picked up a bottle of the first thing I saw. Since my mom was out of town, it took me a two evenings to drink, and it was delicious.

– Winking Owl Chardonnay

Winking Owl is a Aldi brand of wine and I’m a fan of their selection. The chardonnay is easily my favorite because of the light, fruity flavors. This is also one of the cheapest wines on this list, totaling under $5. If you are looking for super cheap yet super tasty wine, Winking Owl is my #1 recommendation.

Drinking wine is my favorite way to relax at the end of the night; I’ve been branching out and trying new things. A friend recently told me that I am on the mature wine drinking path; it goes Moscato > Riesling > Chardonnay > Reds. I’m going to keep drinking my way down that path. For now, I hope you enjoy the affordable wines I suggested!