The Best Trader Joe’s Dinner

Not once in my life have I spoken so highly of a frozen dinner… but Trader Joe’s kills it. On a lazy evening, Bryan and I biked over to the Trader Joe’s around the corner from our apartment and scoured the isles for an easy meal. Admittedly, we had plenty in our cupboards, but we just weren’t feeling any of it.

At the sight of their lightly salted edamame, I decided I was craving that and we should get something that would pair well with it. We found a bag of orange chicken and we had rice at home so we thought we would give it a try. Little did we know… holy shit, you guys, this stuff is SO good. The edamame was delicious as well.

In total, this dinner takes about 20-30 minutes to prepare and feeds the two of us just fine; sometimes we end up with leftovers. The best part, the entire meal cost ~$10; hell yes. Since this evening, we have gone back to buy this meal about four times. We are addicted!!! For fellow lovers of Trader Joe’s, you may already know of this gem, but if you have not tried it, you must.

Let me know what you think!