10 Things You May Not Know About Me

  1. While I enjoy traveling and exploring new places, I always get eager to come home. I get excited to see my people and sleep in my own bed. I thoroughly enjoy my excursions, but deep down, I crave my steady routine.
  2. Kids are in my distant future. Mothers are selfless, nurturing, amazing human beings. I’m the opposite of all of those things. Guys, I barely remember to feed myself throughout the week. I’m sure I’ll have babies someday, but that day is far far away!
  3. When people ask what my dreams are, the answer changes monthly. My future is kind of a blur right now. I’m okay with that and horrified by that all at once.
  4. My most embarrassing moment is from high school. Sophomore year, I went to bible camp and in the auditorium, during a movie, I was trying to sneak to the bathroom because I wasn’t feeling well. Not able to escape quick enough, I threw up on someone’s feet. So so gross.
  5. For some reason, I hate when people use the word ‘adult’ as a verb. I don’t know why this bothers me so much, but it does. I cringe every time someone says “I’m adulting today!”
  6. Ever since my 2016 study abroad trip to England, I have been obsessed with the royal family. Using instagram, I keep up with William and Kate and Meghan and Harry. Their lives just look so dreamy.
  7. Bread is my weakness. I could live without chocolate and other sweets, but bread is a necessity.
  8. While in college, I worked as a barista at a small coffee shop. Often, I wonder if I could still be able to do the latte art or if that’s a skill I’ve lost.
  9. In fourth grade, my mom started homeschooling me and didn’t stop. While I wasn’t always a huge fan, I’m super grateful for the ways it shaped who I am today.
  10. Tacos are the best. Don’t fight me on this. I could live on nothing but shredded chicken tacos with onion and cilantro. (That might get old eventually… but I doubt it!)

• • •

Thanks for taking time to learn more about me. What’s something I should know about you? Leave a comment below!