Fifteen Ways To Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day.

Happy February and happy weekend! Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching; either you love this day or you hate this day. If you are spending this day without a loved one, it can get sad very quickly. Instead of sitting in your depression on February 14th, treat yourself to a you day and enjoy it.

  1. Take the day off work. If you are able, get the day off and treat yourself to a meal out … and get the chocolate cake.
  2. Purchase a LUSH bath bomb and take a soothing bath.
  3. Watch a romantic movie or binge your favorite TV show.
  4. Open a bottle of wine (my suggestion is Rosé or Moscato.)
  5. Schedule a mani-pedi or a hair appointment for the afternoon.
  6. Go shopping. Save some extra cash and spend the day at Target; it is very hard to be sad in Target!
  7. Take a day trip away, whether alone or with your friends, take the day to a nearby town and explore.
  8. Go to a coffee shop and be productive. Grow your personal projects, write, or read.
  9. Start reading a new book or listen to an audiobook.
  10. Get a massage.
  11. Host a fancy tea party with a few close friends. Get dressed up and enjoy a high tea.
  12. Do a “secret Santa” inspired gift exchange with other friends on Valentine’s Day.
  13. Check out a museum, book store, or other spot you’ve been wanting to check out.
  14. Bake! Cookies, brownies, or something new.
  15. Ignore the day completely; February 14th is just another day that will be over before you know it.

So if you are spending this Valentine’s Day alone, don’t focus on sadness or loneliness. Enjoy this day as your own. Celebrate your independence and be proud of it. Start and end February 14th with a smile on your face!