Healthy & Tangible Self Care

Almost everyone understands the purpose of self care and the reasons we must do it, but very few people are able to implement pieces of self care into everyday moments of their week.

It can be really difficult to make space in our busy lives, but it is incredibly valuable. Small spaces of self care have the ability to make every other space in your life better. I want to share some forms of self care that are able to be adapted into all kinds of lives.

Meditation : This is something I discovered recently, but meditation is so incredibly relaxing. Personally, I use the app Headspace because it is really great for people who are new to meditation. They offer beginner plans with sessions just 5 minutes long. Honestly it might seem weird, but just once, give it a try. This easily fits into your daily schedule.

Unfollowing/Unfriending : Recently, I noticed how jealous, frustrated, and dissatisfied I was with myself after looking through apps like instagram and Facebook. I realized this was due to unhealthy friendships or people I was following. Go through your followers and mute or unfollow the individuals who make you feel poorly about yourself.

Converse : Stop holding things back that you really just need to get out. Find someone you can trust and feel comfortable with and just talk. Genuine conversations are incredibly valuable and somewhat easy. Whether this is over coffee or over the phone, talk to someone.

Care For Your Skin : Whatever this means for you, take care of your skin. Unwind with a face mask, wash your face, limit your makeup usage when you can, do whatever you can to take care of the face you (quite literally) put forward each day. These can be small things to fit into your morning and evening routines.

Take care of yourself in whatever ways necessary. If you live a busy life, you can get into habits of putting your self care on the back burner; try to spend some time implementing these things into your daily life this week.