Lets Explore : Urban Rustics in Houghton, MI

Happy hump day, friends! I’ve been a consistently posting on the weekends, but I’m shifting to two posts a week… so today is the first of many Wednesday posts! How exciting is that?

Today I am reminiscing on a recent trip to the upper peninsula of Michigan. While visiting, I stopped by one of my favorite stores in the downtown area: Urban Rustics. This isn’t a new find for me; about 2 years ago I stumbled upon this store and have been completely obsessed ever since. Because it is one of my favorite little shops, I wanted to share it with you.

Each corner of the shop is thoughtfully decorated. Usually, each visit lasts at least 45 minutes because I’m taking it all in. On my trips north, I walk away with a handful of items and have even come back a second time for things I missed. On this trip, I purchased a few fun pieces on my most recent visit here.

The picture frame is perfect for small polaroids like this one. Currently, I have a fun throwback picture that was taken in high school, but I’m hoping to replace it with a cute photo of Bryan and I.
Bryan took one smell of this candle and decided he needed it. I completely agreed; it isn’t too easy to find a masculine candle, but dang, this one is good. This candle smells like your BFs cologne. Though I bought it for Bryan, I just told him the other day, I wish I’d kept it!
This cozy blanket is one of my favorite purchases from the store. I needed a fun color to add to the end of my bed as, currently, my comforter is white and my sheets are gray. This adds a nice pop of color and doesn’t compete with my decorative pillows. It is also perfect when I need an extra layer.
These velvet black and brown scrunchies were a must purchase. The neutral colors go with just about everything and are a fun way to style my hair.
Okay, how cute are these little booties?! One look at them and I knew my niece needed them. I wish they had them in my size. They are a bit big for her now, but her 1st birthday is in May and will make the perfect gift. Hopefully, by next fall/winter they will fit her perfectly.

If you find yourself in one of Michigan’s most northern towns, stop by Urban Rustics and pick up some cute items for yourself.