Let’s Explore: Nicollett Island Inn

Nicollett Island Inn is located right near the heart of downtown Minneapolis and is such a charming spot. Bryan and I set out last Sunday morning for fancy brunch. The two of us just wanted to get dressed up and eat at this bougie inn.

We’ve walked and ridden scooters past this place several times, so we thought it was time to check it out. The two of us ordered black coffees and had delightful conversations while we waited for our meal. I opted for the classic American breakfast of eggs, hash browns, toast with jam, and delicious maple sausage. Bryan’s sweet tooth attracted him to Tres Leches French Toast. Both our meals were absolutely spectacular… we may already be planning another visit!

Instead of taking lots of pictures like I usually do, I used the app 8mm camera and took videos throughout brunch and edited it together to make this gorgeous summary of our experience. Check it out!