Book Reviews

The Push by Ashley Audrain

Blythe Conner wants nothing more than to be the type of mother she never had. And the type of mother her mother never had. 

But when her baby girl Violet is born, she struggles to connect with her daughter and begins to believe there is something wrong. …Or is this all in Blythe’s head? Her husband seems to believe her concerns are invalid and their daughter is perfect. The more we learn, the more we question Blythe’s sanity.

When their second child, Sam is born she has the immediate connection she anticipated after Violet was born. The family connects better; Violet seems to adore her brother. But in an instant life changes in the worst way and reality crashes leaving pieces that won’t seem to fit back together.


This book kept me on the edge of my seat and had me questioning everyone and everything. I have a hard time calling this book a thriller; it is more a dark and disturbing story. But I’ve never read a story like this one. While reading, I never really knew who I was supposed to be upset with and who I was supposed to hate. And I think that really is an overarching theme that people are complex; not all evil or all good. It also really explores the fallacies attached to motherhood.

The last chapters had me madly flipping pages. Without giving anything away, the ending left me wanting more. When I read the last sentence of the book I immediately thought, “WHAT? This is how it ends? This is where you are leaving me?!” I think the author left some openness for us, as readers to piece together on our own.

On top of a compellingly intriguing story, Audrain’s writing is very well done. It’s very brutally honest and explains a reality that people do live in, as sad as it is. It is multi-layered and explores themes that will certainly make you uncomfortable. It looks like this might be her first book, but I’d certainly read other books written by this author.

Ultimately, this won’t be an all time favorite but I thought it was well-written and certainly pulled me right in. If you enjoy layered stories with dark twists and distressing turns, I recommend this one! Although be warned, there are some tragedies in this book that may be difficult to read about!

PUBLICATION DETAILS: Pamela Dorman Books; January 5th, 2021; 9781984881663; Fiction/Thriller