One Year Out Of College…

“No one wants to hire me, which is really frustrating and upsetting. I’m getting discouraged and lacking motivation to keep trying. Today I bought professional clothes which means I have everything I need besides a job. I want to have something, something to start gaining experience. I want to get started in my career. I’m so eager for the future, I just need to keep pushing forward.”

Those are words straight out of my journal from May 2018; this was shortly after my college graduation. Ambitious and eager to move, I was frustrated and discouraged at my lack of employment. I recall feeling so ashamed at the fact I had graduated without securing a job.

The reality of it is, this was incredibly normal. The highs and lows of my emotions were just another obstacle of life that I would tackle. And you will tackle that obstacle too! That thing keeping you from sleeping at night is going to get resolved. You are not the only one going through it and this will be another block you climb.

One year out of college, I have learned to approach situations with a level-head. Hell, I quit the job I stressed myself to find before securing employment in Minneapolis. While I wasn’t fearless, I was aware that I could do this. Why? Because I had done it before! The hilarious part of it is that I quit at 11am and got a job offer by 5pm.

Post-grad life is not what I thought it would be in many ways, but it is exactly what I need it to be. I set dangerously high expectations for myself and when those were not met, my anxiety took over. These opportunities force us to become more adaptable and experience immeasurable growth.

Conquer this obstacle and you will come out way stronger and way more prepared to attack the next thing that comes.

xx, HB