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The Last Flight by Julie Clark

TW: Domestic Abuse

From the outside looking in Claire Cook has it all. Stunning Manhattan townhouse, organized days, staff to cook, clean and anything else she could need. Best of all, her husband Rory is a successful politician. But Claire’s life is far from perfect. Rory is abusive and has made her home feel more like a cage. He uses his staff to track every move Claire makes. Claire carefully plans her escape while avoiding the watchful eye of her husband.

Eva, looking for an escape from the consequences of her life, collides with Claire at the airport. After a few drinks, the two make a last-minute decision to switch flight tickets. Claire will pose as Eva and fly to Oakland, while Eva, posing as Claire, embarks to Puerto Rico. Hoping the swap will allow each to escape from the problems of their life. But the unexpected occurs when the flight to Puerto Rico crashes! With the public thinking Claire died on that plane, she assumes Eva’s identity and the secrets she was running from.


This book was such a crazy thriller – I was so intrigued by the accidental entanglement of these two women’s stories. The dual plot line was very easy to follow. Sometimes with two perspectives, I find myself reading to get back to the other person’s POV, but with this book, each POV had me flipping the pages incessantly!

Of course, there were unrealistic elements of the book. That seems to be a common theme among thrillers. However, these imperfections were easy to overlook because the story and the mysteries were so easily captivating. Without giving anything away, you will finish this book and flip backwards to read the first page again. Possibly while saying “what what what?”

Truly if you are in search of a heart-pounding, twisty-turny thriller, pick up this one! You will find yourself rooting for these women and cheering them on. Julie Clark wrote an “unputdownable” book — I finished this one the same day I started it. Ultimately, it checks all the boxes for a good thriller.

PUBLISHING DETAILS: Sourcebooks Landmark; June 23rd, 2020; 1728215722; Fiction/Thriller