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The Last Flight by Julie Clark

TW: Domestic Abuse From the outside looking in Claire Cook has it all. Stunning Manhattan townhouse, organized days, staff to cook, clean and anything else she could need. Best of all, her husband Rory is a successful politician. But Claire’s life is far from perfect. Rory is abusive and has made her home feel more …

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Happy & You Know It by Laura Hankin

Claire, a musician whose band becomes famous as soon as she leaves the group, finds work with a playgroup in wealthy New York City. Quickly, Claire becomes enamored by those who employ her, a group of impossibly gorgeous mothers who are addicted to wellness routines and juice cleanses. But Claire quickly realizes what she sees …

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Keeping Lucy by T. Greenwood

Set in 1969, Ginny Richardson’s world turned upside down when her newborn child Lucy, born with Down Syndrome was taken from her. Pressured by his powerful family, Ginny’s husband Ab sent Lucy away to Willowridge, a school for the “feeble-minded.”  Two years later, after empty promises to see her daughter, Ginny finally gathers the courage …