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Royal Holiday by Jasmine Guillory

Vivian Forest joins her daughter, Maddie on a dreamy holiday in England. Maddie’s job as a stylist landed her a position styling the Dutchess throughout the Christmas season – it’s a job she can’t refuse. Vivian gets to stay at a royal home in England and she is eager to take in the British sites. Quickly, Vivian meets Malcolm, private secretary to the Queen, and the two have an immediate connection.

Malcolm has dedicated years of his life working for the Queen and welcomes Vivian to England by giving her a tour of the royal’s property. The two continue making excuses to spend time together, knowing that their days together are numbered. What starts as innocent flirting quickly turns into true feelings; but with Vivian’s life established in California and Malcolm’s in London will their relationship last?


I loved this adorable book by Jasmine Guillory – I’ve never read anything else by her but I quickly added her other titles to my TBR. Vivian is a spectacular main character. I was deeply intrigued with her story, and I admired her, particularly her passion for the career she has created. She has not only successfully grown in this aspect of her life, but she truly loves what she does. 

Non-traditional love stories, or stories with older people as main characters are typically easy favorites for me. And Royal Holiday is no exception. The growth of this relationship felt incredibly real. I loved the out-of-character spontaneity both Vivian and Malcolm experienced when falling for each other. There is nothing about this love story that I thought was truly unrealistic. Truly one of the best love stories I’ve read this year, and it was extra fun that it has a Christmas theme.

For those looking for a fun, festive read, I suggest you read Royal Holiday before December 25th!!

PUBLICATION DETAILS: Penguin Publishing Group; October 1st, 2019; 9781643584171; Fiction/Romance