Holiday Bucket List

My favorite time of year has returned; welcome to Thanksgiving/Christmas. The holiday season is filled to the brim with adventure and excitement. There is always so much exploring to do and so many events to attend. Each year before this one, I’ve neglected to truly enjoy it because I was in school preparing for exams.

However, this year, I have plenty of free time to truly enjoy this wonderful season. To make sure I enjoy each and every day, I am creating a bucket list of excitement. I am eager to start check off each of these; I hope this inspires you to follow along and check things off with me!

1. Celebrate FRIENDSgiving.

Everyone can bring a dish; bring some fun games to play and get your gang of friends that are so close they should be family, and celebrate. This is a season to gather and be thankful.

2. Make a dish to pass on Thanksgiving.

I am so incredibly spoiled to have a mother who is an amazing chef. So amazing, that Thanksgiving is thrusted on her shoulders. She rocks it every single year … but this year Bryan and I had the idea of taking some of that weight off.

We signed up to bring pumpkin pie, homemade corn bread, and a sweet salad. Bryan and I are making an evening of it; the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, we are wearing cozy Christmas pjs, watching a holiday movie, and preparing our dishes. It’s so small, but I am really looking forward to it!

3. Enjoy a football filled weekend.

This one is already thoroughly planned, but I’m so eager to cross it off my bucket list. While football season is still among us, I am looking forward to one weekend to really soak it in before it is gone. Saturday, November 17th, Bryan and I are heading to the Big House for some Michigan football, where we will cheer in unison for the boys in blue. Sunday, November 18th, we are heading to Ford Field to watch the Lions v.s. the Panthers (where we will not cheer in unison because … well …  the Lions are terrible!)

4. Attend a tree lighting ceremony.

Just about every town has one; I know my town does. It is small and silly, but these events are a fun way to get into the spirit of Christmas. Bundle up, gather a few friends, and sip hot cocoa as you watch the glittering lights sparkle on the tree.

5. Host a holiday movie night.

Everyone loves a Christmas movie marathon; I have been adding holiday movies to my list on Netflix so I can prepare for this. Just gathering some close friends to sip cocoa and munch on popcorn sounds like an ideal way to spend my evening.

6. Shop at a Christmas themed store.

Whether it is a store that has temporarily converted for the season, or a store that is purely open for Christmas, I’d like to spend some time gift shopping inside one. My sister and I have already made plans to attend a Christmas themed event at a favorite store of ours.

7. Go on an ice skating date.

In high school, I went ice skating at least once per winter season. I’d like to pick this tradition back up and continue it. Despite the fact that I am terrible at ice skating, there is something magical and romantic about it.

8. Go on a carriage ride with my mom.

Okay, so I know this one is very specific, but my hometown does free carriage rides throughout December and I have never done it! But every year my mom and I talk about going on the carriage ride like we are Lorelei and Rory Gilmore riding through Stars Hollow. This year, we are making sure it happens!

9. Admire Christmas lights.

When I was younger, we used to pile into the car and drive through neighborhoods to admire the work people put into making their homes festive. As we grew up, this tradition got lost. I’d like to bring it back and enjoy an evening adoring the Christmas lights illuminating the dark winter evening.

10. Throw a classy Christmas party.

My family successfully pulled this off last year, it may just become an annual event. It’s a wonderful way to gather close friends and family and celebrate the season together. Some simple drinks and appetizers bring the entire evening together. The party is more exciting if you give it a spectacular title and make the event evening-wear.

It is so exciting and important for me to check all of these events off this year because I really do want to soak in every bit of enjoyment I can this season. I hope this post encourages you to think about the ways you want to celebrate this year. Whatever you celebrate, enjoy this season as it comes and make the most of every moment!