Solo Date – Enjoy An Independent Day

Happy May! Welcome to a new month; it has been a long stressful road here. I truly cannot think of a better way to press reset than to set aside a day for yourself. Prioritize a solo date that is all about you; put it on your calendar, even! Make time to make yourself happy. This can be a refreshing date with you.

Indulge in BrunchAfter allowing yourself to sleep in, make your way to a tasty breakfast spot and enjoy some sweet pancakes and a mimosa. Take your time and really enjoy the morning; don’t feel rushed.

Lounge in a Coffee Shop. Following your brunch date, head to a coffee shop and take a seat. You can bring a book or your laptop and get some work done. Enjoy this time by yourself by listening to some music, while you lounge.

Peruse the Library. Even if you go without a book in mind, head to the library and check out some interesting books. Once you’ve found a few titles, sit in the quiet spaces and begin reading.

Attend a Community Event. This can be slightly daunting because you’ll have to talk to strangers but it is a great way to make connections. Recently, I attended a ‘West Michigan Woman’ event solo; through that night I met so many incredible women and did not, even slightly, regret going alone.

Relax on a Night In. Complete your solo date with a slow evening in. Light a fancy candle, cook your favorite dinner, crack open a bottle of wine, and enjoy yourself. Relax in whatever way you please; maybe this is by watching your favorite tv show, or taking a bubble bath. Just soak in every last moment of this day.

Prioritize yourself every once in a while and take a day doing things only YOU like. Let me know how you celebrate yourself on a solo date!