Favorite Target Finds

One of the biggest perks of moving to Minneapolis is that I happen to live in the same city as Target’s headquarters. Within five miles of my apartment, there are five Targets; it’s like looking for a Starbucks! While this isn’t great for my wallet, it’s amazing for my wardrobe, beauty products, and apartment decor. On the blog today, I want to share some of my Favorite Target Finds.

| W A R D R O B E |

The moment I saw this dress, I knew it was a piece I needed in my closet. This is the perfect dress for summertime, but it can also be worn in the spring and early fall. It can be worn to work, or on a Saturday out on the town. The detail on the back really brought the piece together; I love the look of this jean dress. Price-wise, this was a reasonable piece considering how often I will wear it. Shop this dress here.

This cardigan is a staple piece that I can wear year round. I’m very picky about the length of my cardigans, but this one is perfect. It is exactly the type of piece I was looking to add to my wardrobe and will complete many outfits for me. It is cozy to wear around the house with leggings, but can also be dressed up and worn out. The price is fine, as I will wear this year round, and it will last for quite a while. This cardigan also pairs well with the jean dress, pictured above on a chilly day. Shop the cardigan it here.

Button-downs like this one are my favorite; my mom has one this exact style (also Universal Thread, from Target) and when I lived at home, I borrowed it constantly. Since I lost my second closet, I thought it made sense to purchase one for myself. This shirt is a unisex style I greatly appreciate, particularly for work-settings. In my opinion, it was such a great price. Shop the button down here.

Universal Thread $22.99

Last spring, I bought these sandals and wore them SO much. They were my go-to summertime shoes. At the time, I was working in an office and wore them daily; they are chic, yet comfy. Due to how frequently I wore them, I was delighted to see Target brought them back for another season. The price is a bit much for shoes that wore down so quickly, but I loved them so much, I did not hesitate re-buying them. Delightfully, this season’s version seems a bit sturdier on the bottom of the shoe, which is where, I found they wore down. Shop the sandals here.

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When I went for the sandals, Target was having a BOGO 50% sale on their shoes. I was on the hunt for cute backless loafers and these were exactly what I had in mind. They are the spring, summer and fall work shoes I needed. My biggest recommendation for these is purchasing socks specific for shoes like these; without them, you will have sweaty feet (gross!) These shoes go with just about everything; recently I paired them with the Universal Thread bottom down shirt, pictured above. Shop the backless loafers here.


These earrings were a gift from a friend right before making the move to Minneapolis, and I love them. My favorite part about them is that I would never have picked them for myself, but I am so glad I have them now. They are funky and unique. Every time I wear them, I get so many compliments! Shop the earrings here.

| B E A U T Y |

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Target sells my favorite dry shampoo; Batiste! In my opinion, this brand is a remarkable price for such a great product. It competes well with more expensive dry shampoos. This product gives my hair a freshly-washed look, every time. For this, I always stick with the original; I fear the scented versions may not work as well for my hair. I’m so happy with the product, there is no need to change it up! Shop the Batiste dry shampoo here.

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When I’m gearing up to wear outfits, like the jean dress you see above, there is one product I will never go without, ever again: Megababe anti-chafe stick! Not all Target’s sell Megababe products, but living in MSP means I can shop it here. I’m addicted to this anti-chafe stick and I love sharing it with people. It is a serious game changer. Since there is no other product like it, I don’t complain one bit about the price; I love it so much I’d honestly pay double! Shop Megababe products here.

| D E C O R |


On a shopping adventure with Bryan’s grandma, we found this cute basket that is perfect for holding blankets by our couch. We found it in a final sale area, as there are a few places the stitching is coming undone, but it is so unnoticeable. This basket is so cute, I would’ve paid full price for it. We only needed one, but it comes in various sizes and styles. Shop this basket here.


This simple full length mirror was a need for our apartment, and came at a reasonable price. When I started college, I purchased a bright blue mirror in this exact style from Target; even for its cheap price, it lasted about 4 years. We chose white because it matches the simple style of our bedroom and is adaptable to several spaces. Shop this mirror here.

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These baskets are perfect for small storage; I snagged two. We are using one on our TV stand to hold Bryan’s Xbox games. They are perfectly hidden, yet easily accessible. The other one sits on our coffee table holding remotes for our television and Xbox. These could easily be used in linen closets, bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. Much like the blanket basket above, these string baskets come in a variety of sizes and have multiple uses. Shop the baskets here.

Target is fantastic because it has so many items and products that I do (and do not) need! It’s a store I can easily drop $200 in, though I really should not. Thanks for checking out my favorite Target finds; what are your favorites?