Let’s Explore: Bass Lake Path

Hello friends! I’m so eager to share the beauty of Bass Lake Path. It is located directly behind my apartment complex, and is so beautiful to explore. This nature preserve is great for walking and biking. We live right off a busy street, so this path is unexpectedly quiet and tucked away.

On a warm Friday evening, Bryan and I grabbed our bikes and ventured to the paths in our backyard. Right away, the scenery turns green and it is beautiful. While biking, we heard several birds chirping and enjoyed the view of the sun setting on the water. In the water, we spotted a mother duck and her ducklings swimming around. We also saw a muskrat making it’s way through the water.

Living so near to this give us the chance to be active and explore what is around our community. Bryan and I have made it a regular spot when the weather is warm. I’m really looking forward to see how it changes with the weather; I’m sure we’ll still be walking here in the fall. If you are looking for a quiet, and cheap way to spend some time together, I recommend heading to a trail or nature preserve near you! If you are coming to visit, I can’t wait to explore and share this beautiful space with you.