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Book Club

Every Book I Read This Summer

Since this summer is winding down, I was scrolling through my Good Reads account and feeling accomplished at how much reading I have done this summer. I have a bit of a confession, though… I love reading the cheesy, fiction, mystery stories. My sister and I share this obsession and often trade book titles of …

Book Club

Book Club No. 6

Happy mid-summer! I cannot believe we are almost completely through July already. (My birthday month is just around the corner…) This entire summer, I have been reading like a champ, going through several audiobooks. If you are looking for a fun summertime read to add to your list, you should check out With The Fire On …


The Best Trader Joe’s Dinner

Not once in my life have I spoken so highly of a frozen dinner… but Trader Joe’s kills it. On a lazy evening, Bryan and I biked over to the Trader Joe’s around the corner from our apartment and scoured the isles for an easy meal. Admittedly, we had plenty in our cupboards, but we just weren’t …


Six Years.

As of tomorrow, July 4th, Bryan and I will have been together for six years! So crazy. I cannot believe how long it has been. The two of us have grown so much since day one and I’m still so grateful to be with someone so remarkable. So much of our relationship has been spent …



Not sure about you, but no matter what phase of life I am in, I can always find a reason to be upset. I’m consistently finding myself thinking, “life will be better when ________ !” Instead of being content, I am searching for areas in which my life could be better. In college, it was …


Vogue’s 73 Questions

Hello!! Hope you are having a great week so far; my week has been spectacular. I am so excited to elaborate on what I have been up to in my blog post this Saturday. For today though, I was wracking my brain on a fun post… I stumbled upon this template for a parody of …