Lessons Learned From Dad

Happy Father’s Day!

My dad is a remarkable person who has taught me so much; he continues teaching me in so many ways. To have two amazing parents is such a blessing and I really want to celebrate my dad by sharing some of the great things he has taught me.


Throughout my entire life, every time I was faced with opportunity, my dad has always been the first to encourage that I chase after it. When I considered colleges, my dad pushed me to make the decision that was best for me. When I was contemplating studying abroad, my dad told me to go for it. Most recently, when I was debating on whether or not to move to Minneapolis, he told me what an opportunity for growth this could be. In all of those choices, I could’ve played it safe, but all of those were some of the best choices I ever made; I’m so grateful I had an ally pushing me to challenge myself.


My siblings and I used to tease my dad because he was “always finding someone he knew” whenever he went anywhere, and if he didn’t know someone, he’d meet someone! It wasn’t until recently that I realized how great of a skill this truly was. When I moved to Minneapolis, he began connecting me with people in the area and when I quit my job I really needed these connections. I thought it would be awkward, but honestly, meeting with the people he connected me with helped me so much. It helped me find a dream job… 🙂


My dad is the champ at laughing at himself; instead of feeling lots of embarrassment, he laughs it off. Last summer, I went to Rome with my dad and brother. At one café, my dad was ready to splurge and order a cannoli. But when the waiter came around my dad asked for the “CAN-OH-LEAN-EE” (whatever that is!) The waiter gave him a puzzled look and just walked away; immediately my brother and I cracked up laughing and relentlessly teased my dad for the rest of the trip. Instead of being humiliated, he laughed it off. We still laugh about this.


My mom and I always say that my dad can say something that is a punch to the face, but you still appreciate that he said it. My dad has learned the art of saying what needs to be said, while somehow being kind throughout the entire conversation. He’s so respectful of other people’s feelings, while understanding that truth bombs need to be dropped.


This is potentially one of the most important lessons my dad could’ve taught me; mental illness doesn’t define who you are, mental illness can affect anyone, and mental illness should be talked about. With our family, my dad has never shied away from talking about mental illness and what it looks like. I’m so thankful for the transparency. It has allowed me to identify pieces of anxiety within myself and his honesty helps me get through the stressful moments of life.

I’m so incredibly grateful to have such fantastic parents; I got so lucky in that regard. Happy Father’s Day, dad! I wish I could spend the day with you, regardless, I hope it is wonderful. Missing you so so much; can’t wait to see you in July!