Morning Routine – Positive Ways To Start Your Day

Good morning! Part of becoming an adult is developing a steady morning routine. I’ve been crafting mine for some time (though, I have certainly not perfected implementing it) and am eager to share it with you. Here are some effective ways to start your morning that help make the day more pleasant.

Care For Your Skin

Developing a morning + evening skincare routine has positively impacted the wellness of my skin. Not only does it have an exterior impact, it can improve your overall view of yourself. Every morning I wash my face and then moisturize with face lotion. After that, I apply eye cream and finish with a spritz of Mario Badescu. This is simply what works for me; your skin care routine will look different based on your unique needs.

Staple products I use every day : Mario Badescu facial spray, Juice beauty smoothing eye concentrate, Akar lip balm, flamingo shave set, and Klorane dry shampoo.

Coffee in Company

One of the most highly anticipated pieces of my morning is coffee with my mom. While I’m getting ready, my sweet mother is making coffee for the two of us. As soon as I’m ready, I come downstairs and enjoy warm coffee in what we call the Front Room Café — In this time, we catch up, we bond, and we enjoy each others company. And if coffee isn’t your style, try tea!

Audiobook For Your Commute

I LOVE audiobooks; they are my favorite way to read because it is just so efficient. It is a great way to make time for those books you have been meaning to read. Usually, I play the audiobook while doing my hair and makeup and continue listening on my ride in. Personally, I use the library powered app Hoopla because it has a remarkable selection of books.

Make Your Bed

A lot of people see this as a waste of time, but making my bed inspires me to keep my bedroom clean, which allows me to have one less thing to stress about. It is more of a domino effect. It doesn’t mean you’ll have all your shit together, but it may allow you to start getting it together.

Lay Out Your Outfit

The night before your day, decide what you are going to wear. We have all had the morning you are already rushing around and you hate everything in your closet. Pre-planning your outfit allows your morning to move a bit smoother and for me, it allows more time in the Front Room Cafe!

• • •

Admittedly, these tips won’t solve all the problems you will encounter throughout the day, it is a way to restart and allow your morning to begin without stress. Modify your morning routine to alleviate rush and let me know how it impacts your week!