Book Club

Book Club No. 5

A few weeks ago, my book club had our first meeting; an intimate group of passionate readers gathered in my mom’s front room and sipped tea. For this May meeting, we discussed a book we were all eager to have read: Becoming by Michelle Obama.

Despite political affiliation, there is something for everyone within the pages of this book. It is not about politics, but about how the Obama’s grew into who they are today. Both Michelle and Barack are inspiring figures and have become powerful forces that positively impacted American history.

Michelle effectively draws in readers with her beautiful writing and authentic voice. This is one of the most engaging memoirs I’ve ever read; I felt so intrigued by her stories that molded her into the woman she is today. Michelle Obama is an example of a remarkably powerful women; she has dedicated herself and worked toward building herself while simultaneously helping her husband grow as well. Her intelligence is no secret, as she attended two Ivy League schools, but she is honest. Michelle carries herself with class, but without mincing her words.

Becoming is a book for everyone; Michelle’s authenticity will draw you in. The story will break your heart, exemplify love, and display admirable personal and professional growth. Though it’s a long book, it is certainly worth your time; pick it up (or buy the audiobook… if you’re like me!) And enjoy this beautiful story.