In the Hardship Olympics, No One Wins.

Just a few days before COVID-19 hit my community, I saw this tweet. I agreed with the sentiment, but continued scrolling through my timeline. As life continued to change and the implications began to be felt in my life, I could not get this tweet out of my head. It benefits no one to play hardship olympics.

A friend of mine is diabetic and has been experiencing a lot of fear and anxiety in this time. She is cautious of every step she takes. Another friend was hired for the opportunity of a lifetime: touring with a big time musician. This tour would’ve taken him across the world and changed his life. In the month before he was scheduled to leave, it was cancelled. Lots of people I know have been laid off, temporarily and permanently. Personally, my day-to-day has been stress and anxiety filled.

Though some may be in better positions than others, none of these people are winning. It isn’t helpful to rank these from best to worst. We are all hurting; we’re all fearful of what the future will bring. It all sucks.

So instead of pushing people to think positive, allow people to be hurt. Whether it is a cancelled concert, or a lost job, let people be angry. Allow yourself to be hurt. There is definitely value in finding positivity and being happy, but there is also value in allowing yourself to feel. Be pissed off. In a safe and comfortable environment, share how this is hurting you. For me, I’ve been writing and talking to those who are close to me. Do what you need to do to process what you are feeling.

Not knowing when this will end has been a source of pain and anxiety for everyone I talk to. While our struggles are not the same, acknowledge that we are all struggling. Don’t compare your pain to others. Just be. Because in the hardship olympics, no one wins.


To my readers, I hope you are safe and well during this time. This is a space I feel comfortable sharing my thoughts and feelings. I hope you feel this is a space you can share as well. I’ve found it so helpful to just type out whatever is in my head and release it, (even when my feelings might be the f-word over and over.) This is a judgement-free place where you can let it out! Whether you leave a comment, or send me a private message, feel free to share where you are at in the midst of this.