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Happy & You Know It by Laura Hankin

Claire, a musician whose band becomes famous as soon as she leaves the group, finds work with a playgroup in wealthy New York City. Quickly, Claire becomes enamored by those who employ her, a group of impossibly gorgeous mothers who are addicted to wellness routines and juice cleanses.

But Claire quickly realizes what she sees is only the surface. Beneath the perfectly curated social media posts, there are plenty of issues. Claire begins to uncover those issues – some more innocent than others.


I devoured this scandalous book and enjoyed it every step of the way. There are twists and turns that Claire uncovers as she grows closer to each mommy in this group. For lovers of shows that are described as trash-tv or any sort of pop culture interest — you will binge this book like a good tv show.

This book is similar to Gossip Girl, but instead of children acting like adults, it has adults acting like children! There is a dark humor and sarcastic approach that makes this book so remarkable. I felt for the characters and this book features remarkable development in the mommies as well as Claire.

The twist at the conclusion of this book was unpredictable. Not even slightly did I see this coming. Behind this playgroup is some sinister shit… but who’s orchestrating this? This is a book where you read and think, “God, do people live like this??” You’ll become addicted to figuring out the web of errors between these women and how they affect the rest.

PUBLICATION DETAILS: Berkeley Publishing; May 17th, 2020; 1984806238; Fiction/Contemporary