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The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary

They share a flat.

They share a bed.

They’ve never met.

After a messy breakup, Tiffy Moore is left without anywhere to live; she needs a cheap flat. In London, that’s damn near impossible. Leon Twm works nights and is in need of some extra cash. It’s the perfect arrangement. The two never have to meet; they will just use the flat at opposing hours. With messy breakups and wrongly imprisoned family members, these two come together in a strange yet beautiful way.


My gosh. This is one of the sweetest love stories I have ever read. I love a Brit-lit book; everything seems more charming. It was the perfect feel-good story that I needed. There are heavier themes and elements that both characters are dealing with, and I was surprised by the depth the author brought to this story.

Tiffy is spunky, quirky and fun. 

Leon is reserved, quiet and keeps to himself.

Opposites attract in the most darling of ways.

This unusual arrangement is a unique and fun way to tell a love story. I adored the alternate points of view so readers can see what is in the minds of both Leon and Tiffy. I adored their slow-building attraction that finally bursts into a flame. Not only do they fall in love, but there was a ton of growth for each character. I was rooting for both Tiffy and Leon almost immediately.

What is unexpected are the themes of emotional abuse, manipulation and stalking. Both Tiffy and Leon have demons in their closet. It was really beautiful the way that O’Leary had these characters help each other through the darkest times. 

Overall, when this book concluded I was so sad, not because there was a bad ending but because I just wanted to keep reading about these adorable characters. This is one of the greatest books I’ve read, and I’m eager to read more by Beth O’Leary.

PUBLICATION DETAILS: Quercus; April 18th, 2019; 9781787474406; Fiction/Romance